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 Compliance Consulting and Training Geared toward Small to Medium Sized Businesses and Non-Profits

Take your Compliance Journey to the Next Level!  

At Oso, we understand that keeping up with compliance requirements can be challenging, especially for small to medium sized businesses and non-profits.  


With that in mind, we offer assessments to identify your most critical risks, mitigation plans to address them and a modern and user friendly cloud based training platform, as well as carefully crafted interactive trainings to keep your team up to date! 

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Maximize your organization’s potential by identifying and mitigating compliance risks with personalized plans

Why Oso?

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Solutions tailored to meet your needs!

Receive personalized solutions.

We understand each organization is different. At Oso, we make sure to capture your uniqueness and turn it into an organizational strength.  

Our consulting service is highly personalized. We dedicate the necessary time to understand your business and to propose unique solutions to improve it.

Our training services are designed to be flexible and meet your organization's training needs. 

Risk based compliance assessments!

Not all risks are equal... Mitigate the important ones first!

Understand the full picture. Get to know all your governance, privacy and cyber awareness risks in one report.

Prioritize the risks that your organization should address first.

Receive a personalized mitigation plan with easy to implement action items to minimize your risks! 

The Oso team will work with you to implement the mitigation plan. 

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Modern and easy to use online training platform!

Let the platform do the work for you.

After the initial setup, the platform notifies your workforce when training has been assigned, when deadlines are approaching, and when the training has expired. 

We track user activities, so real time company-wide reports can be generated by your appointed admins at any point in time to review training status of your workforce.

Up to date content!

Our training content covers current ethics, privacy and cyber awareness topics in an effective way, applicable to non-profits and small and medium sized businesses.

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Ethics Content - Give confidence to your clients and put regulators at ease by keeping your company in Compliance.

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Privacy Content - Keep your employees, customers, and company's  information safe by educating your workforce on today's privacy risks and mitigation strategies.

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Cyber Awareness Content - Minimize your network's exposure to cyber criminals by keeping your workforce up to speed on current cyber security trends and best practices.

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Custom Content - Or send us your own content! We will administer it for you. 

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