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About Oso

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Our Vision

Our vision is making compliance accessible to all organizations.

We want to help our clients remain or become compliant on regulatory requirements, excel in external and internal audits, and retain an educated workforce that is aware of the latest trends in privacy, cyber awareness and ethics.

Our Mission

We understand that having a dedicated resource for compliance is not always feasible for our clients; therefore, our mission is to assist small to medium sized businesses and non-profits to address their compliance needs with minimal overhead from their staff.  

Our risk assessment process is quick and effective and the solutions we propose in our mitigation plans and their implementation are specifically designed for you.


Our trainings are created using micro-learning techniques; this allows us to deliver the information truly needed by the workforce without taking too much time away from their daily tasks.  At the end of each course, we quiz the users to ensure engagement and increase content retention.

Image by Jeremy Bishop
Image by Natalie Pedigo

Our Message

At Oso Training Solutions we believe in efficiency, flexibility, simplicity and transparency.  We want our clients to tell us what they need and we will do our best to deliver a satisfactory solution that meets their expectations.

If the plans outlined in our website do not quite fit your needs, email us at or fill out the contact form below.  We will be happy to chat with you to understand your requirements and determine how can we help you!


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