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Compliance Consulting

Together we will discover areas for improvement within your organization by applying our risk assessment tool, complemented by interviews with your key stakeholders

Our Process

We use a risk assessment methodology to evaluate your organization and provide you with a personalized mitigation plan designed to address the specific areas that require attention.  


The Oso Team will meet with your key stakeholders to learn more about your organization

Risk Assessment

We will assess your level of compliance in five key risk areas using a specially designed tool

Mitigation Plan

We will put together a report identifying your areas of risk and propose solutions for them


We will guide your team in implementing the suggested solutions

Our Tools

The Oso Team only works with easy to use proprietary tools. We created our risk assessment tool and designed our mitigation plan to be accessible and applicable to all types of organizations.

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Business Meeting

Our Mitigation Plan will point out all areas for improvement within your organization, but you decide what to implement

- Our mitigation plans identify your risks in areas such as Governance, Privacy, Cyber Awareness, Ethics and Compliance but you define what level of risk your organization is willing to accept.  

- All actions taken during the implementation stage will be based on your risk acceptance levels.   

- We make recommendations but you make the final decisions!

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Are you a Non-Profit?

We have much to offer to improve non-profits including special rates. 

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