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Learn about our Training Platform and Content

Engage your workforce with our Ethics, Privacy, and Cyber Awareness Content

Introducing the Oso Training Platform

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Real time status reports provided to company appointed administrators

User friendly index cards to easily determine training status

Automated email notifications informing trainees of their training status

Take a peek at our training content

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We quiz your workforce after each training to increase user engagement

We create micro learning trainings to maximize information retention

We carefully craft all
training to deliver the "must know" of each topic 

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Our Features

Take a look at the features we offer to our customers. 


Training Content

Our Privacy, Cyber Awareness, and Compliance training content has been created using the latest training techniques. We have designed our content to be short and effective, delivering only the information the workforce really needs to know to navigate complex day to day situations

All our trainings are based on real life situations that help the course taker relate to the training and remember what they learned when it matters the most.


Learning Platform

We designed our learning management system to host our training content, or, your own content.

If you choose to use your own content, we will still administer it for you by assigning the content and quizzes per your instructions.  Additionally, you will have access to all of the platform features such as user status reports and email notifications. 

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Interactive Quizzes

Keep your workforce engaged with interactive quizzes during each learning session.  All of our training content comes with quizzes; however, if you choose to provide your own content, we will set up your quizzes to your satisfaction.

Email Notification System

The learning platform lets your users know when new trainings have been assigned to them. 

The platform also sends out regular reminders to users that have expired trainings or trainings that are about to expire.

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